Station “SWEI”

“SWEI” is a seismic station deployed in Antarctica, part of project POLENET. January 12th, 2012, Shawn Wei, Patrick Shore, Guy Tytgat, Garry Murtsell (captain), and Brandon (co-pilot) flew from Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station to this place, and installed a new temporary seismic station. We believed we were the first group of human ever being to this place. More information and data may be access using the IRIS DMC MetaData Aggregator.

Latitude: 86.99˚ S
Longitude: 129.36˚ E
Elevation: 3033.4 m
Locations of POLENET stations. (High resolution map from POLENET website [PDF])

Seismograph and data logger were buried in the snow, leaving only the solar panels, antennas, and a small windmill above the surface.