Seismology (group website)

PIs: Douglas A. Wiens, Michael E. Wysession

The areas of seismology research at Washington University span most of the Earth's interior. In general, Michael Wysession and his co-authors work on the deep mantle and whole Earth, while Doug Wiens and collaborators focus on the upper mantle and tectonics. One unique aspect of our group is the large number of temporary broadband seismometer deployments, which give us unique data sets that can answer very specific questions.

Geodynamics (group website)

PI: Slava Solomatov

Rock Physics (group website)

PI: Philip Skemer

My research interests include mantle deformation, the formation and the dynamics of plate boundaries, and the interpretation of seismological data. The underlying motivation for my research is to understand the remarkable phenomenon of plate tectonics and its variability among the terrestrial planets. While I am primarily an experimentalist, my research strategy is to use geologic or seismological observations to design experiments. I study the microstructures of naturally deformed rocks to infer the importance of specific deformation processes, and then develop experiments to investigate the sensitivity of these processes to a range of deformation conditions. From these experiments, we can make predictions about rock deformation at conditions or locations that are inaccessible to direct observation.